The Route

Human without Border Movement

Människor utan Gränser Rörelse

حرکت انسانهای بدون مرز       


A movement for a borderless World

Advocate for migrants rights.

Study on migration situation. Develop concepts for improvement of the situation.

Regular visits and contacts with newcomers in Sweden and other parts of EU.

Conduct meetings and organize social activities.

Naturally we are born in a free world and there is no boundary for living unless our thoughts make difference, we have equal rights of living.


Humans can access their rights in order to live in a solidarity and freedom environment.


To convince the values of humanity, equal rights and building reunite among people for a peaceful and enjoyable life. A change for today’s substantial life in order to have a bright tomorrow.





* Congress of the movement is anually

* Biweekly meeting

* Monthly meeting

* HwBM has a charter