Everyone has the right to freedom of movement and residence within the borders of each State. Everyone has the right to leave any country, including his own, and to return to his country.

(Article 13 - Universal Declaration of Human Rights)


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On April 20th, 2018 Human withouth Border Movement (HwBM) has signed MoU with Focus on Mother and Children Organization (FONMAC) http://fonmac.org/ in Rwanda. The purposes of the collaboration is to contribute the mutual goal and support in humanitrian needs.

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Human without Border Movement represent at 2nd Asutralia and New Zealand International Conference in Brisbane Australia 27-29 March 2019

"Hoshang Schiwa clearly presented the factors that attract young people from refugee backgrounds to associate with drug dealers. These factors include having uncertain economic means, lack of documentation with their migration process, having a drug addiction and being at risk of deportation"

Human without Border Movement (HwBM) is an intellectual revolution to reunite humans through establishment of a platform for human solidarity and freedom over the world. Human without Border is a global humanitarian defender movement, its mission and vision is; that humans are free and free of choice where to go and live. Human without Border Movement is created based on Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Human Rights Conventions (HRCs).

Human without Border Movement is a nonprofit, nongovernmental and nonpolitical movement, it founded by a group of human rights activists/defenders in Sweden at the same time its networks established in different parts of the world and going to be expanded broadly which brings change from all levels of social life in the society.

Humans can access their rights in order to live in a solidarity and freedom environment.

HwBM entered into CIVICUS World Alliance.

CIVICUS is a global alliance of civil society organisations and activists dedicated to strengthening citizen action and civil society throughout the world.

Human without Border Movement presented and registered in European Commission

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Human without Border Movement met with International CSOs from Serbia and Belarus in Moscow Russia in December 2018

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